Technology Perseverance in the Day

Towards, the end of 2019 and the start of 2020, COVID unexpectedly surfaced as a challenge to all industries and companies across the globe. With predictions of worldwide and long term spread of the virus, leaders of most countries issued partial or full lockdown guidelines. This had a lot of impacts in terms of spread of the virus. However, it also resulted in a halt to education, production, delivery and even with the establishment of testing protocols for COVID, due to the ambiguous nature of the symptoms, it was more complicated to distinguish between COVID and other similar viral infections.

As exhibited by TensaX Innovation Lab on data of several infections, with th e availability of medical data and appropriate analytical techniques, the salient parameters may be evaluated to deliver an accurate diagnosis. Developed adaptive algorithms allow for correlation between different measured parameters and increase the reliability of the diagnosis. Looking at the big picture, appropriate data analytics is key for evaluating future patterns of any widespread disease. With the experience of applying data analytics for a wide variety of data, TensaX Innovation Lab has also been working on analysing the various milestones of COVID 19. This provides an insight into how the pandemic is evolving geographically and demographically, while anticipating the potential times of high spread of infection.

With the lockdown and the consequent social distancing guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and leaders of countries, more people and companies have been avoiding physical presence and have been encouraging work from home scenarios. Video conferencing came to the rescue for majority industries and especially educational institutes. Over the span of 2020, the global internet traffic has grown by a significant 30% and has further resulted in a considerable growth in social media accounts all over the world. Apps that saw the most noteworthy downloads included video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams etc… Educational Apps that assisted classroom work such as Google classroom, and the most impactful being the grocery delivery apps in respective countries. In fact, the food delivery apps alone are projected to observe a significant increase in their investment in the next few years.


Social distancing and preference to stay indoors has also resulted in a significant growth in e-commerce. This is where, for previously offline businesses, it became imperative to catch up with elevated services that manage website development, data analysis and storage, along with streamlining of delivery with adherence to COVID guidelines. For all cases, manageable and smooth Information Technology (IT) services are now required. While providing customized developed Technology Development services to clients, TensaX Innovation Lab advises that advanced IT solutions are now more essential than ever for any business and are the key for profitable operation in the age of the pandemic. Further, Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration will aid in production streamlining, specially as remote management becomes of importance.

COVID-19 Crisis Inspired Innovations have resulted in smoother conduction of day to day lives and taking care of patients. The most common and prevalent example of this is in sensor based sanitization equipment. In the early stages of COVID spread, robots were developed to be used for delivery of food and medicines as needed to quarantined travelers and patients. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered drones have been used along with UV-C technology to help with sanitization processes. Further, in healthcare, to allow the workers to maintain little-to-no-direct patient contact, companies have developed wireless wearable temperature monitoring devices and patient monitoring systems that enable monitoring while maintaining appropriate COVID protocols. Again, the importance of IT and AI solutions is significant here.

As the pandemic continues to evolve, it has become important for industries and businesses to do so as well. With the pandemic going through multiple cycles and waves and establishing a new normal, everyone needs to evaluate the possible IT solutions for their business so as to ensure the management of services and products. To get abroad o n this change and explore such possibilities for your business, talk to our team at TensaX Innovation lab, your partner for IT and Technology Development services.