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The PR Inc in a multi-specialist full service PR agency that is focused on creating a real-time measurable impact for our clients, through unique and customized ideas and sustained efforts.

Bringing the power of the latest technologies, analytics and a creative and specialized team, we develop one-on-one strategic plans that enhance the corporate or personal message of our client and highlights the significance of their brand. This further helps us to strategize with our clients to deliver tangible outcomes in seizing unforeseen opportunities and mitigating unexpected challenges.

The primary challenge with evaluating a good PR strategy is that the impact of the strategy is sometimes not easy to measure in the short term. Supported the power of data analytics, our team provides measurable outcomes that allow us to decipher the efficacy of a strategy and modify if needed.

We believe in making the essence of the brand shine. Building, Protecting and Balancing, we embrace this three pronged approach to ensure the creation and sustenance of your organization and its brand in the eyes of the public.

Our Team

Believing in the ideology to innovate, we grow our team with people that are eager to explore and have unique outlooks. Members of our core team hail from different educational and professional backgrounds, bringing with them their respective expertise. With years of experience in India, USA, UAE, the members keep a more flexible perspective in the solutions that we use in-house as well as what we aim to provide to our clients.

Our team holds a common belief that the next step we take should be based on continuous evaluation and evolution so that we stay ahead and in-turn, keep you ahead of everyone else.

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