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Public Relations Management focuses entirely on development and carry through of strategic communication processes that result in informative and mutually beneficial relations of the organization with the public. Primarily, this requires influencing, targeted engagement and relationship building with the stakeholders of the organization. Our PR Management services include

  • Media Relations – This includes placement in local, national and digital platforms for your brand stories, as detailed on corporate and consumer communications. Our team creates a strategy along with media content that reflect the organization’s value intentions and targeted brand positioning. The strategy includes the development of
    • Company profile
    • Spokesperson’s profile
    • Product Launches
    • Events
  • Reputation Management – A consistent process of public relations through carefully developed online and offline messages. It is an integral part that helps in gaining the trust of investors, clients, public and the media alike, and defines the perception of your organization. It involves:
    • Tracking and documenting all news about your brand, whether it is positive messages or comments that may add a negative flavour to your brand.
    • Promptly responding to any messages or comments that may portray the brand image in an impairing light and therefore, mitigating that impact!
  • Crisis Management – In today’s world with social media presence and global connectivity, a small issue may flare up that can result in a challenging impact to the brand. In a situation like this, the primary goal for any brand is to send out effective and trust building
    • Crisis Management Strategy Development – The strategy we hope you will never need, but is ready to be put into action should the need come up.
    • Receive timely counsel on strategic step by step approach to bring about positive traction to your side of the story

The PR Inc offers a skilled team that can strategize, articulately communicate and respond to the negative impact situation to control the crisis and the consequent brand disruption.

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