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A universal and great brand presence is something that can lead to transformation for any company. Useful for both established businesses as well as start ups. With a custom strategy for your company clearly accentuating the purpose, perspective and personality, The PR Inc aims to enhance the public’s awareness of your organization.

We offer the following services for business transformation and business development.

Business Transformation

Developing strategies for the transformation of your business to a brand, we offer a combination of services including Digital Marketing, Social media and IT and PR Management.

  • Branding Strategy – Clear Concise and crisp strategy for identification as well as publicizing the brand narrative for your organization.
  • Digital Marketing – Utilizing the tools of traditional and digital media, this process ensures an increased outreach for your organization’s news through targeted content placement and marketing.
  • Social Media Management – utilizing creative strategies and the latest in graphic design and content creation, online presence enhancement will support your brand’s growth.
    Start-Up Business Development

    At The PR Inc., we understand the needs of a start-up. Our specifically tailored and analytics based strategies aim at brand development, initiating collaborations and exploring new markets for the overall growth of your Start-Up.

    More specifically, we offer consultancy in

    • Digital Marketing
    • Social media Management

    In addition, The PR Inc. offers consultancy in different areas

    • Branding
    • Market Research & Fundraising opportunities
    • News, announcement and overall content planning.

PR Management

Public Relations Management focuses entirely on development and carry through of strategic communication processes that result in informative and mutually beneficial relations of the organization with the public. Primarily, this requires influencing, targeted engagement and relationship building with the stakeholders of the organization. Our PR Management services include

  • Media Relations – This includes placement in local, national and digital platforms for your brand stories, as detailed on corporate and consumer communications. Our team creates a strategy along with media content that reflect the organization’s value intentions and targeted brand positioning. The strategy includes the development of
    • Company profile
    • Spokesperson’s profile
    • Product Launches
    • Events
  • Reputation Management – A consistent process of public relations through carefully developed online and offline messages. It is an integral part that helps in gaining the trust of investors, clients, public and the media alike, and defines the perception of your organization. It involves:
    • Tracking and documenting all news about your brand, whether it is positive messages or comments that may add a negative flavour to your brand.
    • Promptly responding to any messages or comments that may portray the brand image in an impairing light and therefore, mitigating that impact!
  • Crisis Management – In today’s world with social media presence and global connectivity, a small issue may flare up that can result in a challenging impact to the brand. In a situation like this, the primary goal for any brand is to send out effective and trust building
    • Crisis Management Strategy Development – The strategy we hope you will never need, but is ready to be put into action should the need come up.
    • Receive timely counsel on strategic step by step approach to bring about positive traction to your side of the story

The PR Inc offers a skilled team that can strategize, articulately communicate and respond to the negative impact situation to control the crisis and the consequent brand disruption.

Political Consultancy

Enhance the communication strategies with your voters through our services to assist in political campaigns. This involves maintaining a good campaign strategy, along with reputation management and placement of news in the right local, national and international avenues.

The PR Inc. offers a multi-faceted political consultancy package that is a combination of multiple services. This is a customized package and may consist of:

  • Advise and Counsel on Campaign Strategy
  • PR and Social Media Management for ethical and effective communication with voters
  • Reputation & Crisis Management
  • Marketing for your campaign through traditional as well as digital avenues to ensure the correct conveyance of your political agenda.
  • Data driven Strategy development

Celebrity PR Management​

The PR Inc. uses customized talent-based strategies to market your celebrity brand in a way that appeals responsibly to a broad audience. Let our team help you in identifying opportunities for greater reach as well as higher networking and collaborations. Our Celebrity PR Team utilizes on-trend content creation uniquely tailored to the target segment for each celebrity.

These packages are a strong blend of the possible services required to enhance your brand image, and may include:

  • Social Media Brand Creation and management
  • PR and Marketing through traditional and digital avenues
  • Reputation Building and Crisis Management
  • Use of Digital Marketing and IT Services to increase the reach of your brand.
  • Data driven strategy development *

IT Services

New age Public Relations are boosted with the help of a great online presence. This includes the utility of a creative strategy that involves Website Development, creative graphic and content design, generating a friendly and inviting user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The PR Inc. provides that as a part of our IT Services:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Brand logo/ UI development
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design for distributary and promotional material


Using the power of data analytics, The PR Inc offers analysis into activities that may positively provide impact in brand affinity, engagement and reach of your personal or organization’s content. Although traditional media impressions are challenging to observe, a significant percentage of media coverage is being catered online.

Our analytics teams utilize a blend of media impressions, offline and online, along with website traffics, market surveys, social media metrics and content analysis to present you with a holistic view of the performance of your PR strategy, as well as the growth and development of your brand. Our analytics services may include:

  • Monitoring/ collection of impressions regarding your brand through different outlets (digital, social media, print media etc…)
  • Categorization and segmentation of the data.
  • Utilization of advanced analytic tools to evaluate the performance of different factors
  • Strategizing based on the analytics to improve the PR approach for your organization or personal brand.
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